Start Playing Drums in No Time

  • Are you looking for drum lessons in Omaha?
  • Are you sick of your drums sounding awful?
  • Are you struggling to tune your drums?
  • Are you struggling with finding the right drum heads to buy for your specific musical situation?
  • Are you stuck playing snare and toms for all your fills and tired of how horrible they feel?

I know exactly how you feel. At one time, I was struggling with playing the drums and never knew how to make them sound good, until I finally found a skilled teacher who taught me a few strokes and tricks. Our free introductory drum lessons are intended to help beginners who are struggling the same way I did.

Drum lessons don’t have to be boring!


I understand that some of you are frustrated with other drum lessons that you may have attended. Some teachers fail to motivate their students or share the passion they feel for drumming. In some instances, they take the wrong approach to motivate the student only to end up turning them off. There are also times when teachers spend too much on teaching a single skill they feel is important, and end up making the lessons dull and boring.

We provide fun and exciting introductory drum lessons in Omaha that will teach you everything you need to groove and maintain rhythm so you can successfully grow to become the corner stone of your band.

With our drum lessons, you can expect to:

  • Get good on the drums. Without lessons, you may have to rely on your own resources and find yourself struggling a lot
  • Develop your body, mind, and spirit. Drumming is known to improve focus, motor skills, coordination, and stall Alzheimer’s.

Want to find out how far you can take you drum skills. Start with a free intro session today and see how much fun learning can be!