Sonic Academy of Music: Best Guitar, Piano, Voice lessons in Omaha

-Have you been looking for the best music school in Omaha?

-Do you feel like you or your child’s ability to learn an instrument is being hindered by unqualified and inexperienced teachers?

-Is your family tired of taking multiple instrument lessons in different music schools?

-Have you tried to learn music before but felt like you just couldn’t do it?

-Are you wanting to learn how to play your favorite songs?

-Are you looking for an alternative to long-term, inflexible music lesson contracts?

-Are you planning to start guitar, piano, voice lessons in Omaha but not sure of where to start?

-Are you interested in taking your music skills to the next level?

Our Mission is for You to Achieve and Succeed

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If this sounds like you then you have come to the right place. At Sonic Academy of Music we want you to succeed and have got the best solutions for you. Here you will learn what it takes to become a great musician and what steps that you need to take. The best part is you will have a whole lot of fun doing it too. You will simply learn your instrument faster here than anywhere else and join the top musicians of the world.

We are your neighborhood family-friendly music academy offering lessons for four of the most popular instruments in a single location in Omaha: guitar lessons, piano lessons, voice and singing lessons, and drum lessons! 

10 Reasons Why We Are Your Best Choice!

1. Guitar, Voice, Piano, and Drum lessons in ONE location!

2. We welcome beginners and students of all ages. Minor students can start from as young as five years to any age of adult

3. We teach all styles of music – classical, blues, country, rock, pop, R&B, and much more 

4. Our students choose the music they want to learn 

5. Wide range of music lesson times to allow for flexible scheduling options 

6. Conveniently located in Omaha to serve the community and surrounding areas 

7. We have enthusiastic, experienced, and qualified teachers who make learning fun. They’re dedicated to learning about your (or your child’s) personal musical goals and to help you (or your child) achieve them and succeed.

8. No long-term contracts. We do not require semester minimums for our music lessons. Instead, we offer month-to-month contracts so you can start anytime.

9. Free introductory lesson. We understand that some of you want to try out a lesson before signing up. As such, we offer a Free introductory piano, guitar, drums, and singing lesson so prospective students can meet their teachers, interact with them, and learn their teaching style before committing to the lessons. 

10. Optional student showcase performances held twice a year. Twice a year, we give our students a chance to perform in front of their family, friends, and other students in order to show off their newly acquired skills. These performances or concerts are designed to be fun and non-stressful events for our students and families. 

We welcome people of all ages and beginners!


Playing the drumsPiano_lessons_practicingOmaha_voice_student

Children can start playing their favorite instruments from as early as 5-7 years.

• At 5 years of age, they can start taking piano lessons. 

• At 5 years, they can also start drum lessons, though this instrument demands more discipline to learn at such an early age

• At 7 years, guitar lessons are very popular

• At 10 years, they can start their voice and singing lessons as they look forward to making great performances 



Drum lessons, guitar lessons, and singing lessons are the most common among teenagers. These are great instruments to learn at this age because the teens can choose to start or join a band and enjoy playing nearly every music style from pop and rock to country, blues, and more. 

Our lessons allow teens to learn playing their favorite instrument in a fun environment with others. 



One common myth among instrument lovers is the misconception that adults can never be as good instrument players as those who started playing in their childhood. This is a false myth that may have discouraged many from learning to play the piano, guitar, or drums, or from taking singing lessons. In fact, most adults learn much faster than kids do; so, stop saying that it’s too late. 

Our music school welcomes people of all ages and beginners. Our teaching approach aims at creating a fun environment so our students enjoy themselves while learning and performing. 

Set Goals and Reach them – Music lessons for piano, guitar, drums, and voice!


We want you to succeed and are here to help you every step of the way. At Sonic Academy of Music we will help you set goals and reach them. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and what it feels like to succeed and reach your goals. You will see yourself making progress as you track it right in front of your eyes, seeing yourself getting better and better.

Piano lessons – The piano is the easiest instrument to begin with for kids as young as 5 years to adults of any age. It is also the most visual instrument, which makes it easy to learn. Playing the piano is one of the easiest ways to start learning music, especially if you’re uncertain about which instrument you want to play. Beginners usually prefer to start with inexpensive digital keyboards for a couple of years before purchasing the more costly acoustic piano. We can help you find the perfect and affordable keyboard. 

Guitar Lessons – The guitar is a great and popular instrument for adults, teens, and kids starting at age seven. It doesn’t matter if you love rock, country, jazz, classical, or blues; guitar if the perfect instrument for all these styles and more. For children below seven years, it may be more fun starting them on playing a ukulele before switching to a guitar at the right age. A ukulele is easier to play and hold for children below 7 years, plus their experience can be transferred over to a guitar effortlessly. 

Drum Lessons – Drums are a special instrument that can be learned by kids from the age of 5 years and adults of any age. Learning to play drums requires diligence as a good drummer must repeat the same patterns over and over until they are able to maintain a steady beat. If your child is constantly banging away on items and is not afraid of repetition, congratulations, you have a natural drummer on your hands. 

Voice/Singing Lessons – Singing lessons and voice lessons are the same thing. For adults taking these lessons, the sky is the limit. Contrary to popular belief, nearly no one is truly tone deaf. In fact, most people considered tone deaf only need some training to become exceptional singers. Though children as young as five years can start taking these classes, it is important that they be careful not to sing too hard – either too high or too low – as this could damage their vocal chords. 

Huge Benefits of Playing Music


Playing music is one of the best ways you can improve. By taking music lessons you are improving you math skills, memory, social skills and carries many other benefits. Most musicians learn how to work great as a team and generally do better in school. And most of all it is lots of fun.

We are one of the few music schools in Omaha that offer all 4 of the most popular instruments: guitar, piano, drum, and voice classes in a single location. 

We provide an inspiring, positive, and growth-oriented learning environment for our students. Our goal is to inspire you to enjoy making good music now and forever. If you’re ready to start your instrument lessons, there is nothing to lose as we only want to work with students who truly want to be here. 

It’s easy to take the next step:

Just sign up for our free introductory lesson in Omaha to meet your teacher and fellow students.